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Hundreds Participate in National Fork Truck Safety Week Challenge

07-01-2014 10:08

A Safety Challenge organised by the Fork Lift Truck Association (FLTA) proved a great success, with hundreds of managers, supervisors and workers participating across the UK.

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FTA Asks EC to Rethink Container Weight Verification

01-11-2013 16:50

The Freight Transport Association (FTA) has written in support of the proposed Article 14 of the EU Directive 96/35 to the European Commission (EC). 

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Conveyors are particularly flexible and can be tailored to all kinds of environments. Although traditionally associated with belt conveyor systems, modern conveyor systems are designed to help people transport and install heavy items with safety, cost and time efficiency firmly in mind.

Industries that require modern, efficient systems to handle bulky or heavy items can use conveyors to move high volumes of goods through assembly lines, the packaging process and various other points. This is why major airports and warehousing centres use conveyors to transport bulk items quickly and easily. These system help businesses significantly improve the speed and efficiency of their material handling processes, which is why they are universally popular.

Conveyor are flexible

Conveyor systems Versatility is essential for today's businesses. That's why conveyor systems are designed to move virtually any weight, shape or size. They can also be fitted to a floor or designed to be used overhead, depending on the environment. Because they can be installed at practically any location they are extremely flexible and can be customised to different requirements. In fact, compared to purely manual labour, moving materials between levels with an efficient conveyor system couldn't be simpler

Conveyor types

Conveyors are available in four systems, which can be adapted to different industries. These include mechanical, human-operated, hydraulic and fully automated systems. Chain conveyors, which suspend items from overhead pendants in order to move them, are popular in the automotive industry. Meanwhile, conveyor belts are perhaps the best known types, while gravity roller conveyors are often observed in baggage airport security gates. Other popular conveyor types include towline conveyors and cart conveyors.