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FTA Asks EC to Rethink Container Weight Verification

01-11-2013 16:50 by admin

Rethink Container Weight Verification

The Freight Transport Association (FTA) has written in support of the proposed Article 14 of the EU Directive 96/35 to the European Commission (EC).

The Article addresses the issues surrounding container weight verification. The FTA has suggested to the Commission that ‘joined-up’ thinking should be applied with regards to the verification of container weights. This, it argues, would avoid confusion or duplication.

In recent times both the Global Shippers’ Forum (GSF) and the FTA have worked with IMO and several other stakeholders in the industry to agree verification provisions for the weighing of containers. These verifications would address the problems associated with the misdeclaration of containers, thus enhancing the standards of safety on roads across the EU.

The FTA also supports an amendment, proposed by Rapporteur Jörg Leichtfried in a recent Draft Report. The FTA Director of Global and European policy, Chris Welsh, stated that Rapporteur Leichtfried's amendment would ensure a ‘uniform approach’ for all modes of transport, achieving all the same objectives as that of the IMO SOLAS changes.

He also commented that the amendment would avoid conflicting provisions, particularly as the new Article 14 concerns itself primarily with the land transport section of what is in fact an international, multimodal, maritime movement of transport.

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