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Hundreds Participate in National Fork Truck Safety Week Challenge

07-01-2014 10:08

A Safety Challenge organised by the Fork Lift Truck Association (FLTA) proved a great success, with hundreds of managers, supervisors and workers participating across the UK.

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FTA Asks EC to Rethink Container Weight Verification

01-11-2013 16:50

The Freight Transport Association (FTA) has written in support of the proposed Article 14 of the EU Directive 96/35 to the European Commission (EC). 

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Roller conveyors

Conveyor Rollers

Roller conveyors are particularly durable, reliable and cost-effective. With minimal maintenance required, they are a practical solution for processing, production and packaging operations. The gravity roller conveyor system, for example, is extremely efficient and relies on gravity rather than electricity or mechanics. Items can easily be positioned on the conveyor line by hand and are supported by multiple rows of rollers.

Roller conveyors

Pallet roller conveyorMany people will often observe small-scale gravity conveyor rollers at airport security gates, where they are used to transport luggage through x-ray machinery. In industry, however, rollers are often observed at the end of more complex conveyor systems and in pallet flow racks. Gravity roller conveyors are suitable for non-urgent items and are ideal for manual handling systems such as packing lines. Since gravity roller conveyor systems require more human input, they don't need to be moved at a uniform speed.

Roller conveyor systems

Powered roller conveyor systems include lineshaft roller conveyors, which are practical for handling light to medium products such as boxes or small crates. Meanwhile, pallet roller conveyors are suitable for heavy automotive items, pallets in large warehouses and other heavy duty handling systems.

Roller types

Lineshaft roller conveyorRollers are normally constructed with durable stainless steel, mild steel or strong PVC material. With rust-free specifications, low maintenance features and relatively simple machinery, rollers are a cost-friendly, long lasting, efficient product for material handling systems.