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Hundreds Participate in National Fork Truck Safety Week Challenge

07-01-2014 10:08

A Safety Challenge organised by the Fork Lift Truck Association (FLTA) proved a great success, with hundreds of managers, supervisors and workers participating across the UK.

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FTA Asks EC to Rethink Container Weight Verification

01-11-2013 16:50

The Freight Transport Association (FTA) has written in support of the proposed Article 14 of the EU Directive 96/35 to the European Commission (EC). 

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Storage and handling equipment

Storage and handling equipment

One of the most important features of a material handling system is its storage and handling operations. Whether the equipment is mechanical or non-mechanical, it must maximise efficiency and productivity in order to meet the demands of today's businesses.

Food production handling equipment

Storage environments need to be well maintained and consistently tidy to operate efficiently. However, catering and food production environments must also be extremely clean. The food production handling equipment system is the perfect solution for businesses looking for a low maintenance system that is flawlessly hygienic. Thanks to its easy-to-clean features, it averts any risk of contamination during a processing, transportation or storage procedure.

Storage equipment

Storage equipment includes racks, shelving, pallets, pallet racking, mezzanine floors, meshing and safety barriers. These items can be customised in different styles and are designed to ensure safe, secure and accessible storage of all bulk items.

Storage handling equipment

Powered roller conveyorIndustrial cars, trolleys and forklift trucks are all essential for handling processes.

Industry carts and trolleys are much larger and more resistant than the versions commonly observed in supermarkets or furniture stores. Trucks are often found in warehouses, with forklift trucks typically being the best known example.

With superior manoeuvrability, storage handling equipment is ideal for accessing areas that are otherwise unsuitable for engineered conveyor systems. They are also highly regarded for their versatility, which makes them adaptable to a broad range of environments.